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Against The Clock - American State Capitals

4.6 ( 4496 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 교육 관련 퀴즈
开发 Stuart Woolley

Against The Clock American State Capitals gives you the chance to practice your knowledge of capitals of the states of the United States of America.
Match the state with the capital and the capital with the state as quickly as you can!

Randomly selected from hundreds of questions you will receive 10 multiple choice questions which you must answer correctly and all against the clock.

After 10 questions you will be given your score of

* Number Correct
* Time Taken

Fully integrated with Game Center with
* Achievements for correct number of answers
* Leaderboard for fasting time of 10 answers correct

Brush up on your geography and general knowledge and amaze your friends and ace your tests!